What is the Crossborder Network?

Since 2007, the »Cross- Border Network of History and Arts« acts as a cooperation platform for European and non-European universities. The »travelling« university »FreedomBus« initiates a thinking process about European and, more so, human values in a context of history, sociology and political freedom. The network‘s main objective is to convey values, history and diversity of the European Union. The »Cross-Border-Network« sets free creativity and innovation in scientific and artistic processes.

In the course of seven years, about 600 students, 60 pupils, 120 educators, artists, actors and people of other social groups from 12 nations and 16 universities worked on seven projects in various European cities. Additionally, seven publications, numerous image films and panel discussions have been realized. In an inter-, trans- and multidisciplinary dialogue, various cultures meet up to research historic backgrounds and develop a creative, themed debate. During the course of ten days, innovative educational methods support interdisciplinarity while living international heterogeneity. Despite all cultural and linguistic differences an intense exchange emerges which includes more than just workshops and lectures. An Intercultural training takes centre stage encouraging social and regional sustainability and the understanding of cultural differences.

A significant feature of all chosen locations for the projects are their unusual structure. The participants organize everything necessary on site. Not only do they bring vacated military bases back to life, they create workspaces in former prison cells, set up media labs in castles as well as dining halls, libraries and lecture spaces in prior factory buildings. Historical influences are ubiquitous and provide the opportunity to experience regional history actively. At the end of each project an exhibition enriches the scene, leaving a footprint by generating economic profit for the region and promoting an exchange of experiences, a sense of community and paving the way for follow-up projects.


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