Project Work


The key goal of the project is to create a correlation between history, sociology, political sciences, art history and art. The knowledge-based accession to the topic inspires and funds the artistic engagement. Additionally, one would like to further integrate institutions and cultural clubs into the program in order to fund historical research.

Further goals are:

Target Groups

Main Activities

The artistic workshops and the historical workshops will work closely with each other. The participants are supposed to develop project strategies without being tied to just one discipline. The leaders of the workshops will work together in interdisciplinary teams and they will supervise students from different disciplines (sociology, history, political sciences, architecture, landscape architecture, product design, multimedia, performing arts, visual arts, phonetics, language, photography) and lead them to interdisciplinary project work.

Scientific Preparation

Contrary to the previous projects, the development of the historical subject structure of the topic will take place before the start of the intensive program. In the winter semester 2012/2013 the professors and the students of the scientific disciplines (history, political sciences) will work on an understanding of the topic. One of the educational objectives for the students of the scientific fields should be the processing of the historical topics with regard to the artistic application at a later stage. The thematic introduction facilitates the preparation of the artistic engagement and it enables the students to reflect on possible concepts and techniques even before the start of the project.

Historical Workshops

The students of history, sociology and political sciences will be invited to the intensive program in order to accompany the artistic workshops while providing scientific support as contact persons and advisors for historical matters.

Artistic workshops

  1. Video / Film / Sound
  2. Photography
  3. space Art
  4. Sculpture Metal
  5. Paper Art
  6. Visual Art Transdisciplinary fields such as graphics, painting, drawing, collage etc., staged with medial means, with a focus on installation and performance.
  7. Performance Art, Dance, Body language


Specific interventions in the form of short lectures by invited and participating lecturers and experts in accordance with the topic of the project and in the context of contemporary art during the intensive program are planned.