April 9th until April 20th 2012 in Liège, Belgium

Funded by the European Union program for lifelong learning (LIFELONG LEARNING PROGRAM) and by the National Agency for EU Higher Education Cooperation by the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service, the second “European Forum of History and Arts” will take place from April 9th until April 20th 2012 in Liège, Belgium. The topic under investigation will be “Melting Pot – Migrations in the Walloon Region”.

Participating teachers and students come from 9 countries and 10 European and non-European artistic and scientific institutions. They will approach the theme both trans- and interdisciplinary with artistic, historical and scientific instruments in symposia and historical as well as artistic workshops.

On March 23rd, 2012, a Symposium will take place where specialists on the topic of migrations in the Walloon region will present their findings to the teachers of the artistic workshops in order for them to be fully prepared to instruct the students.