Field of Study

Students and professors will study European history, especially the theme of forced migration via historic and artistic workshops, in interdisciplinary teams. The main focus is to identify possible correlations in forced relocations on a European scale, by comparing the history of migration in Poland, in Lorraine, in Saarland and in Luxembourg during and after World War 2. The correlation of History and Art is the most important component of the whole project.

Training of body language and mediation training are meant to improve intercultural communication and team compatibility.

Historic workshops

Reflection on:

  • Forced migration based on the conferences of Yalta, Tehran and Potsdam
  • Consequences of forced migration for East and West Europe
  • The common aspects of forced relocations in Europe
  • (comparison: Poland, Germany, France and Luxembourg)

Through the medium of:

  • Lectures of external experts
  • Lectures and essays of students of history, supervised by their tutors
  • Analysis of historic sources: documents, photographs, memories
  • Meeting with witnesses to history
  • Discussion of the results with all participants

Art workshops

    1. Video/ Film documentary
    2. Sound
    3. Photography documentary
    1. Spatial paper structures and sculptures
    2. Land Art
    1. Classic arts like painting, drawing, collage etc. staged with medial aid
    1. Performance (Happening, body language)
    2. Performance Art

The 4 different areas will work multidisciplinary.

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