Project Description

As part of the «Cross-border Network of History and Arts», the interdisciplinary and transboundary project „2011 European Forum of History and Arts“ is engaged in the subject of “forced migration” in Europe. The venue of the project, the village of Krzyzowa (Kreisau) in Poland, is of a particular historic significance: it is a vibrant place of meeting and dialogue, which thrives from the diversity of people meeting here, from their ideas and activities. The Krzyzowa Foundation fosters the development of the European civil society and will be hosting the project. Over 115 participants from 7 different countries, – students, professors and other contributors, will come together on site.

The theme will be studied via historic and artistic workshops. In terms of a remembrance work, scientific publications as well as artistic drafts, projects and concepts will be developped.

The heart of the 2011 project is formed by cooperating universities, art and design colleges and academies from Germany, Poland and France (according to the idea of the „Weimar Triangle”, a committee for encouraging the German-French-Polish cooperation). In addition, institutions of higher education from Belgium, Luxembourg, Ireland and Canada will be involved. Since 2008 the projects have been accredited as ERASMUS Intensive Programmes (IP).

A public exhibition will be staged and lectures will be given in Kreisau to conclude the project and to show the resulting works. Subsequently a multilingual publication (German, French, Polish and English) will be compiled, to document the project in words and pictures and show the processing stage as well as the resulting works.

Furthermore, a touring exhibition, scheduled for autumn 2011, will travel across the cities of the cooperating countries (Kreisau, Kraków, Trier, Saarbrücken, Liège, Metz, Luxembourg and others) to show the project in the form of a multimedia staging.

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