Sat, 18/04/09 Opening, pauluSplatz trier

09.00am Formalities
10.00am Welcome, introduction of the universities, introduction of the fields of study
02.00pm Lunch at Irminenfreihof, FH Trier
03.00pm Guided city tour/ 4 languages
07.00pm Dinner
09.30pm Welcome party

Sun, 19/04/09 nameDy

09.00am Departure to Andernach, Check in at the hotel
00.30pm Lunch, guided city tour of Andernach/ 4 languages
03.30pm Welcome by the princess of Hohenzollern, Free tour of castle and surroundings
07.00pm Dinner, registration for workshops

Mon, 20/04/09 – Fri, 24/04/09 Creative WOrk

09.30am Beginning 01.00pm Lunch till 2.00pm
              Free coffee-break in the afternoon
07.30pm Dinner

WeD, 22/04/09 preSentatiOn OF COnCeptS

presentation of concepts, first efforts – tour by the pedagogic team
Hand in the project descriptions for the closing exhibition

tHur, 23/04/09 & Fri, 24/04/09 multimeDia trier (OptiOnal)

Students working in the fields of media/ multimedia work at the laboratories of FH trier

Sat, 25/04/09 exHiBitiOn »nigHt OF art«

09.30am Finishing work
              Set-up of the closing exhibition in the castle and the park, documentation
08.00pm Opening of the exhibition
10.00pm Auction of exhibits
00.00 end of exhibiton, take-down

Sun, 26/04/09 take-DOWn & return tO trier

10.00am Take-down of the exhibition, Hand in documentation (pictures)
01.00pm Lunch
03.30pm Return to Trier, Checkin Hotels
07.30pm Dinner at FH Trier, Irminenfreihof

mOn, 27/04/09 SympOSium

10.00am Welcome
01.30pm Lunch
02.30pm Retrospect, results, outlook »Spaces of remembrance«
03.45pm Closing program (end of scheduled program for participants)
04.30pm Press talk