Head of Organisation, Concept
Prof. Anna Bulanda-Pantalacci
Fachhochschule Trier // University of Applied Sciences Trier


The project »European Forum of Exchange«, the third of five in the series »Spaces of Remembrance«, is based on the idea of a »moving university«: a network of several European Art- and Design- Schools, wherein academic and artistic projects are to be worked on - in interdisciplinary groups in changing European settings.

Once a year, roundabout 60 students and 20 teachers meet in a European country for creative working for twelve days. This means intensive interdisciplinar work and intercultural exchange.

The hosting country is getting explored concerning its cultural, geo-political, historical and linguistic dimensions. Artists, craftsmen, scientists and politicians of the certain region, same as its infra structure are intergrated in the project. In this manner, a academic project develops from a local to a crossing-border cultural project, changing the setting every year.